Cucumber Lemon Mask

This mask has magical healing properties. I swear it does wonders for my skin because of it’s acidic and cooling elements.

Cucumbers hydrate your skin, they make your skin softer and brighter. Lemons have acid which cleans your skin, takes away that dirt and grim and is a natural exfoliate. However, when making this mask I do not use lemon juice, but just the lemon peel. The lemon peel has the right texture and enough acid for my skin, the lemon juice irritates me. Since everyone’s skin is different feel free to experiment.

Cucumber Lemon Mask Recipe 


  • Half of a cucumber (preferably organic) 
  • Half of a lemon rind (“”)


In a blender blend the cucumber half, skin and all. When it’s fairly pureed, add the lemon rind and blend for one or two more minutes. The texture should look like this


Remove and carefully put on your face. It will be very liquefied and chunky but with patience you can put this all on your face. If you have a clean concealer brush, try applying it with that. Let it stay on your face for 10-15 minutes, then remove with cold water, exfoliating gently as you wash off.

Your skin should look a little brighter and feel more refreshed. Use three times a week to see improve in skin texture and acne disappearing.